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d'Artois, Mons. Armand - Book 1: Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres—Curtain Up: 1806-1899

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d'Artois, Mons. Armand


  • Lorenzaccio (Drama)  1896

d'Artois, Mons. Armand


  • Centenaire, Le; ou, La Famille des Gaillards (Vaudeville)  1830

  • Homme de Soixant Ans, L'; ou, La Petite Entetee (Vaudeville)  1830

  • Mons. Pique-Assiette (Vaudeville)  1830

  • Suites d'un Mariage de Raison, Les (Vaudeville)  1830

D'Ennery, Adolphe P.


  • Workmen of Paris, The; or, The Dramas of the Wine Shop (Drama)  1864



  • Celestia; or, The World in the Moon (Spectacle)  1834

Daly, Augustin


  • Leah (Drama)  1863, 1864

Dame aux Camelias, La

 (Tragedy); See Dumas, Mons. Alexandre, fils (Author)

Damon and Pythias

 (Farce); See Buckstone, John B. (Author)

Dance, Charles


  • Bengal Tiger, The (Farce)  1858, 1859

  • Delicate Ground; or, Paris in 1793 (Comedietta)  1881, 1889

  • Memoirs of an Umbrella, The; or, The Silent Observer (Farce)  1845

  • Who Speaks First? (Comedietta)  1878, 1881, 1892

Dance, George


  • Station House, The (Farce)  1835, 1854

Dance of the Shirt, The; or, The Sempstress's Ball

 (Farce); See Morton, John M. (Author)

Dancing Barber, The

 (Burletta); See Selby, Charles (Author)

Dancing Mad = Magic Pipe, The


Dancing Mad

 (Ballet); See Unknown (Author)

Dancing Scotchman, The

 (Ballet); See Unknown (Choreographer)

Daniel, George


  • Doctor Bolus (Burlesque)  1819

Dark Doings in the Cupboard by the Knotting 'em Brothers

 (Farce); See Coyne, Joseph S. (Author)

Daughter of the Danube, The; or, The Imp and the Water King

 (Extravaganza); See Unknown (Author); Adam, Adolphe C. (Composer); Pilati, Auguste (Composer)

Daughter of the Regiment, The

 (Comic opera); See Wigan, Horace (Author); Donizetti, D. Gaetano (Composer)

Daughter's Devotion, A = Chain of Gold, The


Davy, John


  • Rob Roy; or, Auld Lang Syne (Melodrama)  1867

Davy Jones's Locker; or, Black-Eyed Susan

 (Pantomime); See Scott, Miss Jane M. (Author); Parnell, Michael (Composer)

Day After the Wedding, The; or, A Wife's First Lesson

 (Farce); See Kemble, Mrs. Marie-Therese (Author)

Day at Boulogne, A = Master's Rival, The

 (Operatic farce)

Day of Reckoning, A

 (Drama); See Planché, James R. (Author)

Day's Fishing, A

 (Farce); See Morton, John M. (Author)

Day's Fun, A; or, All's Fair in Fair Time

 (Farce); See Lunn, Joseph (Author); Callcott, William H. (Composer)

Days of Queen Bess, The = Kenilworth Castle


de Boirie, Eugene C.


  • Bourguemestre de Sardam, Le; ou, Le Prince Charpentier (Vaudeville)  1830

de Girardin, Mme. Delphine


  • Hopes and Fears (Drama)  1853

  • Joie Fait Peur, La (Comedy)  1898

de Lesser, Auguste Creuze


  • Mons. Deschalumeaux; ou, Une Soiree de Carnival (Operatic farce)  1830

De Mille, Henry C.


  • Lost Paradise, The (Drama)  1892

de Musset, Mons. Alfred


  • Lorenzaccio (Drama)  1896

de Rochfort, Claude L.


  • Werther; ou, Egaremens d'un Coeur Sensible (Vaudeville)  1830

de Rougemont, Michel-Nicolas Balisson


  • Cuisinier de Buffon, Le (Vaudeville)  1830

  • Tailleur de Jean Jacques Rousseau, Le (Comedy)  1830

De Trueba, Joaquin T.


  • Arrangement! (Operetta)  1831S

  • Call Again Tomorrow (Farce)  1833S

Dead Heart, The

 (Drama); See Phillips, Watts (Author); Smith, William (Choreographer); Smith, Christopher J. (Choreographer)

Dead Shot, A

 (Burletta); See Buckstone, John B. (Author)

Deadman's Point; or, The Lighthouse on the Carn Ruth

 (Drama); See Burnand, Francis C. (Author); Ellis, Edwin (Composer)

Deaf as a Post

 (Farce); See Poole, John (Author)

Deal Boatman, The

 (Drama); See Burnand, Francis C. (Author)

Death of Life in London, The; or, Tom and Jerry's Funeral

 (Burlesque); See Greenwood, Thomas L. (Author)

Death Token, The

 (Drama); See Wilks, Thomas E. (Author)

Deeds of Dreadful Note!

 (Farce); See Dubois, Mons. Alfred (Author)

Deformed of Notre Dame, The = Esmeralda


Delicate Ground; or, Paris in 1793

 (Comedietta); See Dance, Charles (Author)

Deputy, The = Roma


Dervise and the Peri! The = Black Hand, The


Desaugier, Mons. Marc-Antoine M.


  • Juif, Le; ou, La Foret de Remival (Vaudeville)  1830

Deserted Village, The

 (Farce); See Cooper, Frederick F. (Author); Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Deserter of Naples, The

 (Pantomime); See Unknown (Author)

Desperate Game, A

 (Farce); See Morton, John M. (Author)

Deuce Is in Her, The; or, Two Nights in Madrid

 (Farce); See Planché, James R. (Author)

Deuce Is in Her, The

 (Operatic farce); See Raymond, Richard J. (Author); Barnett, John (Composer)

Deulin, Herr Nicolo


  • Love and Folly; or, The Three Lovers (Ballet)  1847

  • Statue Blanche, La (Ballet)  1845

Deux Aveugles, Les

 (Musical entertainment); See Offenbach, Jacques (Composer)

Deux Militaires, Les = Projets de Mariage, Les


Devil in London, The; or, Sketches in 1840

 (Extravaganza); See Peake, Richard B. (Author); Buckstone, John B. (Author); Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Devil of Marseilles, The; or, The Spirit of Avarice

 (Melodrama); See Peake, Richard B. (Author)

Devil's Ducat, The; or, The Gift of Mammon

 (Melodrama); See Jerrold, Douglas W. (Author)

Devil's Violin and the Revolt of the Flowers, The

 (Burlesque); See Webster, Benjamin N. (Author); Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Devil to Pay, The

 (Musical farce); See Coffey, Charles (Author)

Dewinne, Henri


  • Amy Robsart (Drama)  1878

  • Storm-Beaten (Drama)  1882

Dey and a Knight, A

 (Burletta); See Somerset, Charles A. (Author)

Diable a la Chasse, Le = Asgard, the Daemon Hunter


Diamond Cut Diamond

 (Musical sketch); See Drayton, Henri (Composer); Grisar, Albert (Composer); Hatton, John L. (Composer)

Dibdin, Charles


  • Rent Day; or, The Yeoman's Friend (Entertainment)  1807

  • Waterman, The; or, The First of August (Farce)  1836, 1868

Dibdin, Charles


  • Bluejackets, The; or, Her Majesty's Service (Farce)  1838, 1840, 1843

Dibdin, Charles I.


  • Forest Savage; or, Music's Fascination (Spectacle)  1825

  • Wild Man, The; or, The Water Pageant (Melodrama)  1818, 1821

Dibdin, Thomas J.


  • Don Giovanni; or, A Spectre on Horseback (Burlesque)  1820, 1825, 1826

  • Heart of Midlothian, The; or, The Lily of St. Leonard's (Melodrama)  1823

  • Past Ten O'Clock and a Rainy Night (Farce)  1820

  • Pirate's Doom, The; or, The Solway Mariner (Melodrama)  1826

  • Protean Bandit, The (Melodrama)  1820

  • Tom Jones; or, The Foundling (Farce)  1823

  • Valentine and Orson; or, The Wild Man of the Woods (Spectacular drama)  1823, 1826

Dick Whittington

 (Pantomime); See Lennard, Horace (Author); Barrett, Oscar (Composer); Lanner, Mme. Katti (Choreographer)

Dickens, Charles


  • No Thoroughfare (Drama)  1867, 1870

Did You Ever Send Your Wife to Camberwell?

 (Farce); See Coyne, Joseph S. (Author)

Didelot, Mons. Charles-Louis


  • Flore et Zephir (Ballet)  1827

Dimond, William


  • Stage Struck (Farce)  1877

Dinner for Six, A = Who Stole the Pocketbook?


Dinner of Madelon, The

 (Farce); See Scott, Miss Jane M. (Author); Jolly, John (Composer); Addison, John (Composer)

Dinorah Under Difficulties

 (Extravaganza); See Brough, William (Author)

Dircks, Rudolph


  • Retaliation (Comedy)  1882

Disappointments; or, Love in Castile

 (Melodrama); See Scott, Miss Jane M. (Author); Sanderson, James (Composer); Goodwin (Choreographer)

Discarded Son, The

 (Drama); See Webster, Benjamin N. (Author)

Disowned, The; or, Helen of the Hurst

 (Drama); See Parry, Thomas (Author); Mellon, Alfred (Composer)

Divorce, The

 (Farce); See Beazley, Samuel, Jr. (Author)

Dobson and Co.

 (Farce); See Coyne, Joseph S. (Author)



  • Mysterious Stranger, The (Drama)  1844, 1845, 1846, 1849, 1854, 1856, 1857

Doctor Bolus

 (Burlesque); See Daniel, George (Author)

Doctor Davy

 (Comedy); See Albery, James (Author); Vezin, Hermann (Author); Wills, William G. (Author)

Doctor Faustus and the Black Demon; or, Harlequin and the Seven Fairies of the Grotto

 (Pantomime); See Unknown (Author); Herbert, George B. (Composer)

Dog and the Assassin, The = Prince of Persia, The


Dog Triumphant, The; or, Murder Defeated

 (Undetermined); See Unknown (Author)

Doing Banting

 (Farce); See Brough, William (Author); Halliday, Andrew (Author)

Doings at Do-the-Boys Hall! = Nicholas Nickleby


Domestic Economy

 (Farce); See Lemon, Mark (Author)

Domestic Hercules, A

 (Farce); See Becher, Martin (Author)


 (Drama); See Unknown (Author)

Don Caesar de Bazan

 (Drama); See à Beckett, Gilbert A. (Author); Lemon, Mark (Author)

Don Giovanni; or, A Spectre on Horseback

 (Burlesque); See Dibdin, Thomas J. (Author)

Don Juan

 (Comic opera); See Buckstone, John B. (Author); Mozart, Herr Wolfgang A. (Composer); Hawes, William (Arranger)

Don Quixotte! Knight of the Woeful Countenance and the Humours of Sancho Panza

 (Romantic drama); See Fitzball, Edward (Author); Bishop, Henry R. (Composer); Rodwell, George H. (Composer)

Donizetti, D. Gaetano


  • Daughter of the Regiment, The (Comic opera)  1858

Doom of Marana, The; or, The Spirit of Good and Evil

 (Romantic drama); See Buckstone, John B. (Author); Callcott, William H. (Composer)


 (Poetic drama); See Reade, Charles (Author)

Dorrington, G.


  • Harlequin Silver Sixpence and the Giant Penny Piece; or, The World of Coins (Pantomime)  1837


 (Drama); See Boucicault, Dion L. (Author)

Double-bedded Room, The

 (Farce); See Morton, John M. (Author)

Double Defeat; or, British Tars and Austrian Troops

 (Spectacle); See Unknown (Author)

Double Disappointment, The = Bachelor's Miseries


Double Marriage, A

 (Drama); See Unknown (Author)

Double Rose, The

 (Drama); See Boulding, James W. (Author)


 (Burlesque); See Rede, William L. (Author)

Doves in a Cage

 (Comedy); See Jerrold, Douglas W. (Author)

Down in a Balloon

 (Farce); See Oxenford, John (Author)

Down the Area; or, Mistress and Maid

 (Farce); See Unknown (Author)

Dr. Syntax; or, Harlequin in London

 (Pantomime); See Planché, James R. (Author); Jolly, John (Composer)

Dramas of the Wine Shop, The = Workmen of Paris, The


Dramatic Cookery; or, How to Dish Up a Farce

 (Farce); See Unknown (Author)

Drapery Question, The; or, Who's for India?

 (Farce); See Selby, Charles (Author); Thirlwall, John W. (Arranger)

Drayton, Henri


  • Diamond Cut Diamond (Musical sketch)  1858

  • Never Despair (Operatic entertainment)  1858

  • Never Judge by Appearances (Operatic entertainment)  1858

Dream at Sea, The

 (Drama); See Buckstone, John B. (Author)


 (Drama); See Reade, Charles (Author); Warner, Charles (Author)

Dublin Boy, The

 (Comic drama); See Boucicault, Dion L. (Author)

Dubois, Mons. Alfred


  • Deeds of Dreadful Note! (Farce)  1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844

Dubourg, Augustus W.


  • Sister's Penance, A (Drama)  1866

Duchess de la Vaubaliere, The

 (Drama); See Buckstone, John B. (Author)

Duggan, Joseph F.


  • Never Despair (Operatic entertainment)  1858

Dumanois, Philippe F.


  • Workmen of Paris, The; or, The Dramas of the Wine Shop (Drama)  1864

Dumas, Mons. Alexandre, fils


  • Dame aux Camelias, La (Tragedy)  1896, 1898

  • Etrangere, L' (Comedy)  1896

Dumb Girl, The

 (Undetermined); See Unknown (Author)

Dumb Man of Manchester, The

 (Melodrama); See Rayner, Barnabas F. (Author)

Dumb Savoyard and His Monkey, The

 (Melodrama); See Thompson, C. Pelham (Author)

Dumersan, T. M.


  • Anglais Pour Rire, Les; ou, La Table et le Logement (Vaudeville)  1830

Duport, Paul


  • Kettly; ou, Le Retour en Suisse (Vaudeville)  1830

Duval, Alexander


  • Projets de Mariage, Les; ou, Les Deux Militaires (Comedy)  1830

Duval, Georges L.


  • Werther; ou, Egaremens d'un Coeur Sensible (Vaudeville)  1830

Duvert, Mons. Felix-Auguste


  • Kettly; ou, Le Retour en Suisse (Vaudeville)  1830

Dwarf and the Magic Needle, The = Harlequin and Gammer Gurton


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